Tough Mudder Customer Center

Lost & Found

Lost something at your event last weekend? Don’t worry. Fill out the form below as accurately as possible. When our events team gets back to the offices, we will search through anything that is turned in and we will mail it back to the address you provide. Our goal is to get anything you lost back into your hands. We will contact you within a month of your submission if we do or do not have any items that match your description.



  1. Lost and Found items are recovered from event and sent to TMHQ – Approximately 1-2 weeks after event
  2. Mudder Services team receives recovered items from event – Approximately 2-3 weeks after event
  3. Mudder Services team matches items with the form submissions below – Approxiamtely 3-weeks after event
  4. Mudder Services team will send an email to customers whose items are found – Approximately 3-weeks after event
  5. Recovered items are mailed back and received by customer – Approximately 4-5 weeks after event

Note on Go Pros: Due to environmental compliance to clean and empty our water obstacles, some Go Pros may be lost in an effort to follow environmental procedures. Go Pros can take an extra week to get back to TMHQ due to these procedures, so please give our team extra time to match up any recovered items. TMHQ wants you to have these memories and we will do our best to get your items back in your hands.

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